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    Tyeastia L. Green (Tye) is a dynamic artist whose talents as writer have taken her from private journal writer to a self published producer of three spoken word CD’s, author of two award winning screenplays "PreDestined" and "12 Disciples" and creator/producer of web series "TH3M!". Tye gives insight to her world that all but eliminates thoughts of differences in a society that is driven on dividing- Tye’s writing appeals to people of all walks of life, gay, straight, white, or black.

    What's Going On

    Tye is penning her 3rd feature film, Moses: The Harriet Tubman Story. Tye is also working to shoot her feature film, "PreDestined" in Minneapolis, MN. Roberta Marie Munroe is producing, and Guinevere Turner will star in the role of Jill.

    To find out more information about PreDestined, please visit the Facebook page!
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    PreDestined, TH3M!, and 12 Disciples


    PreDestined (Screenplay)- winner of SAFF and IFF, placed in Indie Gathering, BHFF and ScriptShark. A beautiful love story between Nadia and Kay is a story that’ll force you to change the way you think about love, and take away the restrictions of who you fall in love with.


    Official selection - Twin Cities Black Film Festival, Out In The Twin Cities Film Festival, MALI Women's Festival, QBC International Film Festival, and North Carolina Black Pride. TH3M! is an episodic series about seven women whose interconnected lives are woven into a richly textured tapestry of friendship, sex, love, and everything that happens in between.

    12 Disciples

    12 Disciples (Screenplay) - Honorable Mention Organization of Black Screenwriters Dissatisfied with government, 12 African American women attempt a takeover of the United States government computer systems, unraveling many injustices along the way.
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    I have Facebook pages for my projects, and YouTube Channel for THEM!. Please check them out, and don't forget to "Like"!

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